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Extracts of pomace (i.e., skin and seeds) from white grapes cultured in the Cinque Terre Territory were selected due to their peculiar composition in polyphenols and their superior antioxidant activity compared to the state-of-the-art. Such extracts are obtained from specific varieties of grapes (Albarola, Vermentino, Bosco) showing elevated levels of the catechin and epicatechin (kinds of polyphenols). The selected antioxidant extract is suitable for counteracting oxidative damage in a subject, with applications in cosmetic, nutraceutical, and biomedical fields. TRL 8.

Technical features

The patented product is extracted from grape by-products during wine production. The selected grape extracts have a high antioxidant capacity and are able to induce significant protective effects on human dermal cells (~ 80% decrease in stressed cells). The patent protects the peculiar composition of the extract, as well as the extraction and inclusion procedures of the natural active ingredients at high concentrations in the final product. The extraction approach is easily scalable using commercial cold extractors. To date we have produced and certified a prototype of anti-aging face cream with grape extracts at the same concentration tested on the cells, following a patented procedure. The cream meets all the requirements for marketing. The prototype was tested by around 70 people, with extremely positive feedback on scent, texture, spreadability and functionality. Finally, we have developed liposomes for the administration of these natural antioxidants, for applications in specialized cosmetics and biomedical research.

Possible Applications

  • Cosmetics;
  • Nutraceuticals;
  • Phytopharmaceuticals;
  • Nanomedicine.


  • Evidence-based efficacy/safety;
  • “Green” and circular approach exploiting wine by-products;
  • Cost-effective, straightforward production;
  • The extraction procedures allow to avoid the use of aggressive solvents and steps at high temperatures.