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AdsorptionCoatingcomposite materialthermochemical energy storagewater vapour


The present invention relates to the sector of materials for the adsorption and desorption of water, in particular water vapour. The invention relates to a material particularly suitable for making the coating for an adsorbent heat exchanger (adsorbent HEX; ad-HEX), or the same can be made substantially completely in said material, i.e. in the form of a monolithic element, in particular monobloc, for example by 3D printing for its use in adsorption heat pumps or for thermochemical energy storage.

Technical features

The material is constituted by an adsorbent filler and by a water vapor permeable polymer matrix (S-PEEK). Therefore no physical channels (e.g. open porosity, fissures) are required to ensure the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent filler-based composite material. The opportunity to have a monolithic adsorbent material is relevant to simplify the manufacturing process and have a higher density of the composite material. In this way, more adsorbent can be added to the heat exchanger without reducing the adsorption kinetics. The technological readiness of the Critical Technology Elements (CTE) can currently be estimated with a Technology Readiness Levels 4-5 (TRL 4-5 technology validated in the laboratory). In about 6 months a TRL 6 (Technology proven in an (industrially) relevant environment) could be achieved.

Possible Applications

  • Adsorption heat pumps
  • Thermochemical energy storage
  • Air conditioning
  • Energy saving technologies


In general, the advantages related to this method are summarized below:

  • High adsorption kinetics;
  • Permeability to water vapor phase; impermeability to liquid phase water
  • Flexible production technique (dip coating, liquid casting, 3D printing).
  • excellent durability;