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The present invention describes a method to synthesise an anti-scratch composite coating with anti-microbial / anti-fungal properties, and a composite coating material, for use in the medical / dental field. In particular, the invention relates to a production process aimed at the synthesis and optimization of multi-phase hybrid coatings based on silane, silver-zeolite and carbon nanotubes (CNT) for dental and non-dental devices. The invention also relates to a multi-phase hybrid composite coating based on silane, silver-zeolite and carbon nanotubes (CNT).

Technical features

Hybrid coatings were produced using a mixed silane-type matrix characterized by the presence of an amino group as the terminal group of a carbon chain, characterized by the presence of a number of carbon atoms between two and eight units and from a second group (also trifunctional) equipped with a highly reactive epoxy group. This guarantees optimal cross-linking, compromising between the flexibility of the chains and the elasticity of the film produced. Thanks to the presence of functionalized carbon nanotubes, the multi-phase coating has improved adhesion strength. The surface of the coating acquires not only scratch resistance but also surface reactivity thanks to the functional groups. The realization of such covalent bonds with zeolites and nanotubes and not simply their incorporation into the matrix overcomes the problems associated with the possibility of accidental release even in the medium to long term.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial applications in the dental field (for example in prosthetics, dental implants, endodontic materials, conservative and orthodontic materials).


  • Coating with long-term antimicrobial properties;
  • Possibility to apply the multilayer coating to different types of substrate;
  • High interlaminar properties;
  • Hydrophobic water-based coating;
  • Corrosion resistant.