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Adsorbent composite coatingheat exchangersHeat pumpsSilane matrixSol-gel technique


The invention outlines the method of producing silane matrix adsorbent composite coatings via sol-gel technique, and to their use in air treatment equipment, heat pumps and heat exchangers in industrial and civil fields; the process is unique in its use of water to affect the hydrolysis of said silanic sol-gel solution.

Technical features

An absorbent composite coating is obtained via the hydrolysis of a silanic sol-gel solution using water as solvent and subsequent mixing thereof with zeolites, preferably with a low silica content; the present invention also refers to a water-based adsorbent composite coating comprising a silane matrix and zeolites, preferably with a low silica content, obtained by this method; furthermore, the present invention refers to a method for coating equipment for the treatment of air and heat exchangers with such an adsorbing composite coating; finally, the present invention relates to a heat exchanger coated with such an adsorbing composite coating.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial and civil applications in the field of air treatment and energy saving (e.g. adsorption heat pumps).


  • Obtaining thick, homogeneous, compact and free of zeolite defects;
  • Use of an aqueous solution that is easy to prepare and low costs;
  • Reduced internal voltage risks in the material Increased product durability and adhesion in different environmental conditions;
  • The final product is a coating that is hydrophilic to water in vapor phase and hydrophobic to water in aqueous phase.