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Structural insulating system for buildings

building renovationEnergy consumption reductionEnergy requalificationPolymers for buildingsStructural elementsThermal bridges


The here presented technology is applied to the energy requalification for the existing buildings. The invention proposed a structural element made with polymeric material. Moreover the polymeric structure supports the external jacket and permits the thermal isolation floor by floor avoiding the creation of thermal bridges.

Technical features

Nowadays, buildings built before the last 20 years, present an architectural technology that no takes into account problems related to the energy efficiency. This lack is extremely negative from an energetic point of view. By definition the thermal bridges permit thermal dispersion and buildings result to be not isolated form the external environment. Nowadays, from the energetic requalification point of view, does not exist any kind of low-cost technology that is able to permit a no invasive work. The here proposed technological solution permits an unique efficient thermal insulation and results particular efficient for the existent buildings. The technological component, the main object of this invention, is realized with a polymeric material with also a structural function.

Possible Applications

  • Energetic requalification for existing buildings (museums, theaters, conference halls, et caetera);
  • Needed to break down the thermal bridges;
  • Efficient external jackets for existing buildings.


  • No invasive work;
  • Low cost and rapid realization;
  • Versatile architectural solution;
  • Realization of an efficient insulating system that results to be able to break down all the thermal bridges for the entire building’s surface.