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A new configuration of Redox Flow Battery tanks and stacks has been designed to achieve better control of the electrolyte flow, thus avoiding strong variations of the battery voltage. This optimizes the exchange of power between grid and battery.

Technical features

To ensure continuous and stable electrical power supply from renewable resources, production plants must include large energy storage systems. Redox Flow Batteries (RFBs) are successfully used for this purpose in power grids, smart grids or micro-grids.

Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) are already in use within small or large electrical networks. The proposed RFB configuration is designed to achieve a better control of the battery voltage by means of innovative battery architecture based on split stacks and compartmented tanks. Accurate battery voltage modulation can be achieved by controlling the concentration of the electrolyte solution in each sub-stack and sub-tank through feedback controlled valves. This task is performed by the patented battery management system that has been especially designed to control all aspects of RFB operations through specific algorithms. Together, these innovative elements create a more versatile system to control the output of battery voltage from energy storage.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial scale redox flow battery installations;
  • Micro-grid scale redox flow battery installations.


  • Simplifies the design of the power management system of redox flow batteries;
  • Lowers maintenance costs by reducing electrolyte precipitation;
  • Helps to controls the exchange of power between the battery and the grid;
  • Flexible voltage management;
  • Interfaced with battery management systems.