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Compact scintigraphic device with simplified electronics

compact scintigraphic deviceflat detectorHigh resolutionmodular gamma camerasimplified electronics


The present invention describes a modular scintigraphic device with high spatial resolution, which can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes of a compact type. Such modular structures can be realised for rectangular devices (e.g. 18×24 cm for scinti-mammography, curved shape for neck and thyroid) at low cost and are suitable for use in large hospital environments such as operating theatres.

Technical features

The method is based on single MPPC (Multi Pixels Photon Counters) modules or single SiPMs as collecting anodes on which the scintillation elements can be arranged. Different versions of the structures and ways of electronically connecting the modules are proposed, so that either independent detection structures or a single detection structure can be realised. Detection areas of any size can be realised, with no limitation on the number of MPPC modules. In particular, all the proposed configurations solve a number of problems associated with the use of the new MPPCs instead of the traditional PSMPT (Position Sensitive Photo Multiplier Tube) phototubes and photodiodes, allowing the creation of extremely compact devices that are easier to use, especially in environments such as operating theatres and robotic surgery. One possible configuration is a detector that can be combined with a mammography system, with dimensions of 18×24 cm combining the scinti-mammography image.


Possible Applications

Medical device for:

  • clinical diagnosis;
  • surgical intra-operatory localization;
  • scintigraphic imaging.


  • compact device;
  • low cost;
  • operating theatre use;
  • fast time acquisition and high resolution.