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A compact test machine for rapid tests on engineering materials, both static and under fatigue, performed on specimens specifically made. The operation of the rapid test machine is based on the “Risitano Thermographic Method“ (RTM) and “Static Thermographic Method“ (STM) test methods.

Technical features

The machine allows the execution of static and fatigue tests, useful for characterising materials of engineering interest, automatically and quickly. The invention represents for companies in the sector an innovation that allows to overcome the limitations of the state of the art, mainly represented by the excessive costs and the different equipment necessary to carry out these tests (material testing machine, infrared camera, video camera) and by the long test times and data processing. The operation of the rapid test machine is based on the rapid test methodologies “Risitano Thermographic Method” and “Static Thermographic Method“, which, thanks to the use of thermography, allow to drastically reduce times. For the fatigue curve of the material and the fatigue limit, we pass from the classic months to a few hours. The machine contains all the necessary equipment to be able to carry out static and fatigue tests, in a compact and easily transportable design. The integrated software allows quick data processing.

Possible Applications

  • Static and fatigue characterisation of steels, plastics and composites;
  • Devices produced by Additive Manufacturing;
  • Characterisation of biomedical devices and biological tissue.


  • Reduced test time (from months to hours);
  • Small size of the machine;
  • Easily transportable and simple in its use;
  • Integration in a single solution of three different techniques (material testing machine, infrared camera and Digital Image Correlation);
  • Reduced costs.