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This patented method and device can analyse data and recognize analytical relations by means of a fast, low cost computational algorithm. The invention is based on the Hough transform, but compacted by reducing the number of parameters so that processing times and costs are reduced.

Technical features

This invention for the recognition and analysis of correlations is based on the Hough transform. Such algorithm is used for digital image recognition but it is computationally laborious and has been recently abandoned in favour of other methods. This patented method has compacted the algorithm by reducing the parameters, so that parameters are recognized one at a time. This allows for minor costs and greater speed in the recognition of shapes (e.g. geometry within images) with a programmable electronic device such as FPGA. This invention will find application in data analysis but also in other fields such as hadron therapy, where it will be possible to accurately determine the amount of radiotherapy to administer during cancer treatment.

Possible Applications

  • Data analysis, shape and pattern recognition;
  • Automatic object inspection, process control, robot guiding;
  • Particle tracing in physics experiments;
  • Hadron therapy, for real time radiotherapy administration.


  • Reduces time of data analysis and pattern recognition process;
  • Reduces costs of data analysis and pattern recognition process.