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Communication system comprising a remote cloud infrastructure and a mesh network comprising an access point and a plurality of interconnected nodes, wherein said access point is provided with a WIFI  interface and a mobile network interface and is configured to connect to the cloud infrastructure through the mobile network interface and to communicate with one or more nodes of the mesh network through the WIFI interface, wherein each node is provided with a WIFI interface and a bluetooth interface and is configured to read the data sent by the access point and to establish an interconnection with the other nodes through the WIFI interface and to receive and send information from/to third-party devices through the bluetooth interface, each node being capable of communicating with other nodes and with the third-party devices simultaneously, by means of the simultaneous use of the WIFI and bluetooth interfaces.

Technical features

Mesh network without infrastructure and autonomous from the energy point of view. Each node in the mesh network has its own intelligence and can understand which nodes are added or removed from the network. The network is based on a cloud based backend system. The backend system processes the information that the nodes through special sensors and algorithms collect from the “real” world. Through special algorithms of Artificial Intelligence the system is able to understand the habits of those who frequent the area reached by the network. The network is easy to install and from the point of view of the user never loses the connection and can always provide usable information through an appropriate application. The addition of a node to the network does not involve technical interventions, the same applies to the removal as the network is able to reorganize itself when a node is “switched off” or when a new one is added. The only human intervention is to lay / remove the nodes of the network from the area of interest.

Possible Applications

  • Proximity Marketing;
  • Indoor tracking;
  • Outdoor tracking;
  • Security in crowded places;
  • Smart cities;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Rural areas.


  • Independence from the local communication network;
  • Independence from the local electricity grid;
  • Self adaptation to addition / removal of new nodes;
  • Profiling of users users in line with the new GDPR regulations.