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Combined dual frame system for life-saving desks against seismic-induced collapses

Combined dual frameEarthquake-proof furnitureImpacts absorption structureLife-saving desk


Lattice structure obtained by the combination of two joined frames, capable of counteracting the stresses generated by falling bodies from above and capable of maintaining a survival space for the individual inside.

Technical features

The impact and static loads resistant structure, made of welded steel tubulars, allows the creation of a life-saving space underneath. The structure can take different morphologies (trapezoidal and rectangular) and sizes. The structure can be aggregated with identical others to create lattice macro-systems capable of withstanding higher-intensity shocks and loads. Aggregation allows the “in-line,” “zig-zag,” and “amphitheater” layouts.

Possible Applications

  • School desk;
  • Teacher’s desk;
  • Executive/operational desk;
  • Countertops and tables in general.


  • High protection capacity;
  • Manufacturable by standard industrial processes;
  • Lightweight and easy to handle;
  • Easy to assemble.