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Printable organic electrochromic materials are the key component of flexible low power and low weight displays and dynamic shading systems. Our process provides a stable colloidal dispersion of an insoluble polymer that can be printed directly on flexibles substrates without rinsing and loss of active materials. Electrochromic contrast and stability are at the state-of-the-art level. Simplicity of production and application are unrivaled.

Technical features

In the present invention, an alternative preparation method is disclosed that enables the controlled oxidative polymerization of a water insoluble, functionalized electrochromic polymer. This process leads to the formation of a nanoscale, dispersing agent-free ink having suitable rheological properties for the use in slot-die coating or ink-jet printing. The water-free deposition, followed by a simple thermal treatment, directly affords stable and homogeneous thin films with state of the art EC performance. The process has negligible sensitivity to environmental variables such as temperature and humidity during the deposition process. An additional critical benefit is that the ink is exclusively based on alcohols having negligible toxicity. The validity of the invention has already been verified in undustryally relevant environment (100 m2 of coated electrodes).

Possible Applications

  • Smart windows (architecture);
  • Domestic appliances;
  • Electrochromic googles;
  • Automotive;
  • Aereospace (EC cabin windows);
  • Displays;
  • Fashion (EC fabric and tissues).


  • Compatible with flexible substrates;
  • Colorless transparent state;
  • Insensitive to environment conditions;
  • High shelf life;
  • High stability;
  • No rinsing required;
  • Reproducibility;
  • Simplicity.