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Highly adaptive and flexible automatic system for the removal of protective film used for pallet wrapping. A prototype has been developed and tested both in the case where the film wraps the pallet only on the side and in the case where it covers the pallet both on the side and on the top surface showing a success rate of 100% and 76.92% respectively.

Technical features

The operation of removing the protective film is typically carried out by operators equipped with cutting tools or automated systems designed specifically for the particular product and not suitable for the use of different types of pallets such as those required in the intra-logistics supply chain. The device consists of a robotic manipulator with 7 degrees of freedom and an end-effector equipped with a blade to cut the protective film. The device is flexible because it allows protective film to be cut on pallets of different nature, shape and size without modification of the equipment, eliminating the need for conversion times. The device has a reduced footprint, even considering a possible mounting on a mobile base to increase the working space. The device can be integrated with a second manipulator equipped with an end-effector that includes a gripper to pick up and manipulate the protective film. A prototype of the device has been made and experimentally validated in the laboratory.


Possible Applications

  • Intra-logistics sector that consists of the operations to be performed to move packages within a warehouse usually to compose multi-product pallets;
  • Industrial automation and mechanical transport sector for all those industries that in the 4.0 paradigm want to introduce process innovations, in order to increase production while ensuring the integrity of the product on the pallet and safety for the human operator who may find himself working near the cutting device.



  • Reduced footprint;
  • Flexibility;
  • Versatility.