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Cold rescource recovery from LNG regasification system

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The invention consists of a LNG regasification closed circuit system  to be used by land vehicles,  capable of storing and recovering from the cold resource energy convertible into work or cold, corresponding to 8-10% of the heating power of the fuel.

Technical features

The patent subject-matter applies a storage of cold from the LNG stream to be regasified to serve as fuel for the engine. The accumulated cold can be used by possible utilities present on a commercial vehicle, such as cold rooms, air conditioning systems; or alternatively directed to improve the performance of the engine (through the introduction  of a postcooler before engine inlet).

The whole system is connected to the information on the load of the vehicle, its position/planned route and traffic conditions. The management of the cold resource is operated by the on-board system independently and with the possibility of self-learning.

Possible Applications

  • IOT;
  • Commercial transportation;
  • Refrigerated vehicles.


  • Improved Energy efficiency;
  • Reduced consumption;
  • Possibility of flexible use of cold.