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Coating with antibacterial properties

AntibacterialAntibiotic resistanceCoatingGram negativeGram positiveSol-gel technique


The invention consists of an innovative colourless, transparent coating which is easy to deposit and has excellent antibacterial properties (100% bactericide against GRAM negative, GRAM positive and antibiotic resistant bacteria).

Technical features

The invention consists of an antibacterial coating for highly contaminated surfaces. The coating, unlike the already known products, which only lead to a reduction of the microbial load, is able to eliminate it on the treated surfaces. The components of the coating are perfectly mixed together, and the final product is colorless and transparent, adapting it to the application on different materials, without compromising the characteristics of the coated material and promoting its use in different fields of application.

Possible Applications

  • Medical-health sector: coating of medical devices, surgical instruments;
  • Furnishings for operating theatres, motility aids, etc;
  • Mobile telephony sector: touch screens of mobile phones and tablets;
  • Computer production sector: screens and keyboards.


  • Reduction of the microbial load of high-touch surfaces;
  • Control of indirect contagion mediated by contaminated surfaces;
  • Applicability on surfaces of different materials;
  • Increased value of the coated products.