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Co.Di Technique for production of human cartilage

Animal modelReconstruction of the noseSolid cartilageTracheal cartilage


The CoDi technique allows to produce solid human cartilage;  using 1cm2 of chiondrocites it is possible to obtain 1 cm3 of mature solid cartilage, biocompatible.

Technical features

Cell cultures of human chondrocytes, taken from human hyaline cartilage, are grown in the laboratory and then implanted on a biocompatible scaffold which on the animal model form a 1 cm3 cube of biocompatible human solid cartilage.

Possible Applications

Solid cartilage can be used in reconstructive surgery of :

  • the nose;
  • the earpiece;
  • the lower eyelid;
  • and the trachea.


  • The solid cartilage is biocompatible;
  • Cell kits are available at low cost;
  • The procedure is easily reproducible;
  • It is possible to produce solid cartilage of the desired size and shape.