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Cloud-based system for sarcopenia diagnostics

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The invention refers to a system allowing to evaluate the muscular mass of elderly people in an inexpensive and rapid way. It consists of an impedance meter not implying for the patient to be exposed to ionizing radiation. Comparing to other existing methods, it doesn’t require healthcare staff to conduct measurements and ensure their greater accuracy.

Technical features

The system is conceived to obtain more reliable assessments of elderly muscle mass loss, known as sarcopenia. It is able to evaluate simultaneously muscle function, amount of muscle mass and muscle mass distribution, while recording data remotely from the patient (via WiFi) and making report using the Cloud software. The device updates the diagnostic criteria in real time and improves diagnostic outcomes. The system can be thus deployed in healthcare or wellness industry, including pharmacies or gyms.

Possible Applications

  • Prevention of elderly disability;
  • Optimisation of in-house diagnostics;
  • Improvement of severe disability management;
  • Enhancement of therapy efficiency.


  • Reliability of the method;
  • Non-invasivity for the end user;
  • No need to install any software;
  • Affordablility compared to similar systems.