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Closure system for engine connecting rods

automotivecinematic transmissionclosing systemforces reductionpolymeric material


The present invention applies to the locking in two rotary shaft parts and in particular to the connecting rods of positive displacement machines or in the transmission of motion systems. The particularity of the invention is the reduction of these actions, the simplicity of the assembly and the possibility of making the closing device of plastic material.

Technical features

The innovation in this patent consists of the possibility to create threaded connections in a closure of an element of a tree. It arose in an attempt to provide a connecting rod for automotive use in thermoplastic material, trying to eliminate the greatest possible number of metal inserts. Given the low load limit of the thermoplastic material, such a system was created to reduce the forces on the individual components and to avoid the presence of metal inserts for the housing of the clamping screws. The solution present in this patent, in fact, allows to better distribute the contact loads between the two parts of the connecting rod and, by removing the presence of screws, reduces the need for a high preload to the interface. In this way the forces exchanged between the components are lower and more homogeneous and the risk of detachment with consequent breakage of the oil film is significantly reduced. This innovation is applicable also to the bench of hats systems, camshafts hats and in all cases in which a tree should be bound with respect to the translation.

Possible Applications

  • Volumetric machines: internal combustion engines, compressors, pumps;
  • Transmission systems of the motorcycle to the rotary.


  • Possibility to realize the components in plastic material;
  • Reduction of the risk of separation between the parts in play reduction forces.