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Circumcision device with removable parts

Andrological surgeryCircumcisionPediatric surgeryPhimosisPlastic surgeryRitual circumcision


The invention concerns a mechanism for performing circumcisions in a mechanical way, without any aid (equipment or power supply), an improve designed compared to the methods previously used. The cutting shape of the blades is such as to make a circumferential cut, a cut in the contact area of the two blades and at the same time a hemostatization by compression of the tissues.

Technical features

The present invention relates to a mechanism for performing circumcisions mechanically, without the aid of various equipment or electrical power. The mechanism consists of: a steel clamp consisting of two suitably shaped levers (30, 30 ‘) hinged to the central support (10); a removable part (20) comprising a fixed stem (21) connected to the central support (10) of the caliper; a cutting template (23) integral with the stem; two semicircular blades (32, 32 ‘) in titanium or biomedical steel, connected to the external cannula and shaped so as to cut the excess skin of the foreskin in a perfectly circular manner and to compress the two flaps of skin in a specific area, inside and outside of the foreskin. The blades and the bell are removable and of different sizes. Costs are reduced, when compared to known techniques, as only the disposable pieces need to be replaced, those that come into contact with the patient, thus ensuring optimal hygiene standards are met.

Possible Applications

  • Urology for phimosis;
  • Paediatric surgery for phimosis;
  • Ritual surgery and andrology in case of penile malformations.


  • Perfect symmetry of the cut;
  • Lower risk of bleeding;
  • Less need for suturing;
  • Reduction in the time of surgery and anaesthesia;
  • Cost reduction.