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Chemotherapeutic derivative of vitamin A for cancer therapy

Anti-drug resistanceChemotherapyDual cytotoxic action


The vitamin A derivative, sodium 4-oxo-HPR, has two specific and original cytotoxic activities that make it a well tolerated anticancer drug able to act on chemo-resistant tumors as monotherapy and to enhance the action of common chemotherapeutic drugs in association.

Technical features

The new vitamin A derivative (sodium 4-oxo-HPR) kills cancer cells in two different and contemporary ways: it induces apoptosis and blocks mitosis, preventing cell multiplication and killing cancer cells. The double action effectively counteracts the pharmacological resistance that tumors develop and enhances the activity of other chemotherapeutic drugs, such as platinum and taxane salts, thus reducing their effective dose and therefore their toxicity.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment in monotherapy and / or in combination of solid tumors (breast, ovary, mesothelioma, neuroblastoma, etc.) and hematology (lymphoma, leukemia);
  • Treatment of relapses and metastases resistant to previous chemotherapy.


  • Clinical use and low toxicity;
  • Effectiveness and tolerability of the molecule;
  • Broad spectrum of action on solid and hematological tumors;
  • Contrast to drug resistance.