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The aim of this invention is to provide a fixed full-arch prosthesis to be used, but not limited to, in immediate loading rehabilitations. The prosthesis is endowed with a rigid framework made of carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRC) that may overcome some of the clinical shortcomings of traditional prostheses.

Technical features

Here we present a fixed full-arch dental prosthesis which can be used in immediate loading rehabilitations (alongside other applications). The prosthesis includes a rigid framework, an aesthetic veneering, several angled abutments coupled with the respective dental implants, each defining, along its coupling axis, engagement portions with the respective holes in the framework. It also includes sleeve elements (prosthetic cylinders) of the framework matching the above mentioned engagement portions, with the prosthesis being constructed in carbon fibers and resin. The composite is made of a multilayer of superimposed fabrics of carbon fiber placed at different angulations, also, but not only, at 90°.  Each of the sleeve elements (prosthetic cylinders) is embedded in the above mentioned framework, and in held in place thanks to the mechanical interlocking with the carbon fibers and to the resin. An additional goal is the methodology for prosthesis manufacturing, creating a mould where, within the direction and the number that fit to the need, carbon fiber layers are placed with resin. Manufacturing take care of gas removing and mechanical pressure, allowing loading in little time.

Possible Applications

  • Immediate- or delayed-loading implant-supported fixed prosthesis for the upper or the lower jaw.


  • Simplification of the prosthesis manufacturing;
  • Possibility to create a prosthesis with a reduced prosthetic volume (“natural bridge”) with aesthetic advantage;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Reduction of the risk of detachment of the veneering material;
  • Optimal mechanical characteristics.