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Ceramic components at low prices

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For some years now it has been possible to produce ceramic materials from special polymers, the so called pre-ceramic polymers, but their applications have been limited to the aerospace and the nuclear sectors, because of their high costs. ENEA laboratories in Faenza put such processes to use for advanced applications, also aiming at drastically reducing production costs, in order to make them massively applicable to transport and construction sectors.

Technical features

Though the potential benefits of ceramic composites is well acknowledged in the transport and construction sectors, their industrial application has been so far limited by unacceptable production costs. The process carried out enables the production of ceramic composites in complexed form by applying apparatus and modus operandi (in-mould lamination) usually employed in the field of polymer composites through the use of newly formulated prepreg fabrics. The production process of components in complexed form has been tested on industrial or industrial sizes testbeds.

Possible Applications

  • Transport;
  • Construction.


  • Thermal insulation;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Lightness;
  • Low costs.