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Capacitors for power resonant systems

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The invention proposes techniques and materials for the manufacturing of ultra-thin capacitors by adapting the technologies typically employed in the production of multi-layer printed circuits. These capacitors are targeted at industrial applications featuring high frequencies and high voltages such as wireless vehicle charging systems or all induction heating systems.

Technical features

The invention proposes the development of ultra-thin capacitors by adapting the technologies employed in the production of multi-layer printed circuits. The invention naturally addresses all those industrial applications characterized by the use of resonant circuits namely high frequency and high voltage applications.Even though it is born to be used in wireless charging systems for electric vehicles, the invention can be widely employed in all systems for heating, welding, hardening and fusion based on electromagnetic induction.The capacitors made according to the techniques and materials of the invention exceed the performances of the components currently available on the market in terms of tolerated voltage, efficiency, size and cost with extremely low manufacturing tolerances.

Possible Applications

  • Systems for wireless charge of electric vehicles;
  • Induction heating systems;
  • Industrial applications for welding, fusion and hardening by means of electromagnetic induction;
  • All power applications using LC resonators.


  • Tolerated voltage 5 to 10 times higher than the best competitor;
  • Relative error on the value of capacitance lower than 2%;
  • Significant reduction of the volume;
  • Substantial simplification of connections and cooling systems;
  • Reduction of component unitary cost.