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The aim of the invention is to provide an innovative solution for monitoring the structural health of buildings and large civil structures/infrastructures. CAMELOT be helpful to support technicians and non-technicians in “decision making” actions, such as diagnostic tools support doctors. In this case, the patients are large civil structures and infrastructures.

Technical features

CAMELOT consists of 2 services and one product. The supplied product is a software that can tell if a specific monitored structure/infrastructure is healthy or if it is experiencing pathological conditions. This is done through the use of advanced Machine Learning techniques. To reach this scope, one need to acquire data from a monitored system. With the first service, therefore, an intelligent (optimized) design of the experimental setup is proposed, thanks to which the data that the software will use for the structural health assessment will be acquired. The second service, on the other hand, offers advanced support that passes through the realization of a Digital Twin (based on physical laws) of the structure being monitored. Thanks to the use of this digital twin, it is thus possible to investigate in more detail the causes of the pathology that is affecting the structure.

Possible Applications

  • Large infrastructures (Ex. Bridges and Viaducts);
  • Oil industry (Ex. Oil pipelines and refineries);
  • Large structures (Ex. Dams);
  • Architectural heritage constructions;
  • Buildings.


  • Machine Learning to reduce false positives and false negatives;
  • More than 25% savings thanks to the optimal sensor placement service;
  • High versatility (easily customisable according to the system to be monitored);
  • Digital Twin for difficult prognosis and diagnosis phases.