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Calorimetric system for gasification power plant analysis

calorimertycalorimetriacatramiefficienza termicagasificationgassificazionetarsthermal efficiency


The invention deals with an innovative system for the monitoring of gasification power plants through a Junker-Boys calorimeter where the combustion of a fraction of the gas takes place. The method allows to evaluate tars content in the gas and the efficiency of gasifier plants.

Technical features

Currently, the method most used by gasifier manufacturers for gas analysis is chromatography, which suffers from a number of disadvantages such as: high sensibility to gas contaminant, slow response, continuos tuning. This proposed calorimetric system is stronger and more efficient, as it allows to solve these issues. In fact, it estimates the gas composition measuring some physical variables of the system. Furthermore, the system gives also the tar content of the gas, an information not possible to ontani with the conventional  method: gas-chromatographic instruments works only with clean gas, this one can work with any tar percentage.

A Junker-Boys calorimeter was built for validation; the same gas was analyzed in parallel with the conventional chromatographic method and with the calorimetric method object of the invention, obtaining comparable results. The physical variables measured are the flow rates of gas, water and air (or exhaust gases), the temperatures and the reaction stoichiometry.

Possible Applications

  • High system tolerance to gas pollution;
  • Useful system able to evaluate tars content in the gas;
  • Cheap and less complex system compared to a gas chromatography.


  • Efficiency analysis of gasifier reactors;
  • Syngas composition analysis;
  • Syngas tars contents analysis;
  • Biogas composition analysis