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Calculation method for physical quantities of a conductor

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The invention consists of a method for calculating the physical parameters of a conductive body immersed in an electromagnetic field, which can be implemented within a software. Thanks to this new technique, it is possible to design the structure of numerous electrical devices in an optimal manner, with significant advantages over the state of the art in terms of energy savings and reducing waste due to eddy currents.

Technical features

The invention consists in a code which allows to drastically reduce the time and the memory necessary for the calculation of electromagnetic quantities in a conducting body. This allows the prototyping and virtual study of electrical and electronic devices whose geometry is as intricate and compact as the devices made in printed circuits. Before the present invention this operation required excessive calculation times or excessive performance not easily available or usable. Thanks to the speed of execution and the low minimum requirements required of the computer, the invention allows to study problems that cannot be solved in the state of the art. The invention outputs indications on the electromagnetic properties of the device (current, voltage, electromagnetic fields) allowing to improve its design or to define its specifications.

Possible Applications

  • Electronic devices design;
  • Prototyping of electronic devices;
  • Virtual prototyping of conductor cables, printed circuits, planar coils and inductors.


  • High calculation speed;
  • Minimum memory occupation;
  • Applicable to various types of electromagnetic problems;
  • Allows accurate 3D modeling of high aspect ratio conductors.