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CAD-CAM surgical guide for bone biopsy

BiopsyCAD-CAMComputer-guided surgeryDigital planningGuida chirurgicaSurgery guide


The present invention is a CAD-CAM surgical guide to perform a computer-guided bone biopsy. Traditionally to diagnose abnormal conditions affecting jawbone, a bone biopsy is realized with the use of a trephine bur. The positioning of the bur, during the biopsy, is based on the skill of the surgeon, therefore an inaccurate placement of trephine bur may occur, use of the guide, however, can minimize this risk and achieve a better result.

Technical features

In order to determine the position and extension of the biopsy sample, an STL file is obtained (file format, binary or ASCII, created for CAD stereolithography software) originating from the CBCT (TAC Cone Beam 3D) of the jaws, using a specific software. The STL file of the maxilla is subsequently superimposed on that of the dental model; in this way it is possible to draw (using CAD software) and subsequently print a surgical guide with a number and position of the guide tubes determined by the position and extent of the biopsy sample. The location and extent of the bone sampling, or bone sampling, can be predetermined on the basis of digital data, for example images in DICOM format. The hollow core drill can, in this way, advantageously be inserted into a guide hole, in order to guide its insertion and extraction, and allowing bone sampling to be carried out in the chosen position.

Possible Applications

  • Oral surgery;
  • Bone regenerative surgery;
  • Implant surgery.


  • Surgical guide for maxillary bone sampling customized according to the patient’s anatomical conformation;
  • Minimization of the risk of error;
  • More precise and reliable positioning, on the dental arches or on the mucosa or on the bone crest;
  • Accurate and minimally invasive biopsy samples.