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Buildings and bridges monitoring system

bridge monitoringbuilding monitoringinfrared digital holographyoscillation modesseismic vulnerability


The laser device developed, based on infrared digital holography, allows to measure amplitude and frequency of the natural oscillation modes of large size structures (buildings, bridges, walls, …) that is the two fundamental parameters required to establish the conservation conditions and the seismic vulnerability of the structure and then to experimentally evaluate its general health state.

Technical features

The device is based on an interferometric imaging technique, digital holography, which allows access to the amplitude and phase image of the investigated object;  the phase image, in particular, provides information on the optical path of the laser radiation along the laser-object-detector path and, therefore, ultimately, on the deformations/displacements of the irradiated surface. The use of infrared radiation allows to work in open field and to have a large field of view and therefore makes the technique suitable for obtaining, remotely, a two-dimensional map of the amplitude and frequency of the natural oscillation modes of large structures such as buildings, bridges, walls, etc. . This technique, considering its advantages, could finally allow a systematic large-scale monitoring of the various structures on the territory, a monitoring currently impossible by means of the existing techniques.

Possible Applications

  • Monitoring of buildings and bridges;
  • Monitoring of cultural heritage (sculptures, frescoes, …);
  • Industrial quality control;
  • Monitoring of tall trees;
  • Monitoring of rocky fronts.


  • Non invasive technique;
  • Fast;
  • Wide applicability (suitable for most structures and infrastructures);
  • Inexpensive.