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Building sustainable material for cladding

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Sustainable innovative coating material, ideal for use in the construction field. Its main innovation is identified in the composition of the material, which is made entirely out of natural and recycled elements. It is a light and easily workable, suitable for covering structural and non-structural components of buildings.

Technical features

The material is a premixed powder composed of lime, pozzolanic ash, paper and natural fibers. For casting in the formwork, it is necessary to mix the mix with a certain amount of water. For use on site, a drying period in air (60 days on average) or at a controlled temperature of 40 ° -50 ° (30 days) is required. The dried material has a specific weight of 715 kg / m3. The compressive strength is 0.42 MPa. In addition, the dried material has excellent resistance to perturbations and external agents; the transmittance value is equal to 1.09 W / m2K. In the long term, the dried material takes on stone characteristics

Possible Applications

  • Cladding material for structural parts in buildings;
  • Soft plaster.


  • Use of sustainable raw materials;
  • Recycled raw materials;
  • Environmentally friendly disposal;
  • Light material;
  • Easy-to-use mixture.