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Building glass continuous facade system

Double glazingGlass facadeGlass-frame collaborationPre-tensioned mastWooden post


The curtain wall system for buildings includes a plurality of panels attached to structural parts of a building, arranged side by side to close an opening in the building, with space between glass panels.

Each panel includes an internal plate facing the inside of the building, an external plate facing the outside, and a support frame made of wood, interposed between the plates themselves, as well as means of fixing the panels to the structural parts.

The system, completely recyclable, ensures remarkable mechanical and thermal performances and does not require specially made components.

Technical features

Actual competitors’ systems include complex and bulky frames, often interrupted by crosspieces to avoid thermal bridges but which interrupt the continuity of the glazing.

The system allows to obtain a glass facade substantially without interruption, with minimal environmental impact and with considerable thermal insulation. The wooden uprights, pre-tensioned with steel strands, allow to use, even with a minimum size of the uprights (20 x 25 cm), panels larger than 4 meters, while ensuring the highest class of wind resistance (C5 class, resistance tested at 2000Pa). This result is also possible thanks to the structure of the panels, also covered by a patent, which creates a structural glass / frame collaboration.

By their nature, risers are easily built on site, quickly and more economically than other systems. The assembly of the entire structure is also extremely simple.

Possible Applications

  • Buildings;
  • Urban structures.


  • Seamless glass facade;
  • Remarkable mechanical and thermal performance, even with very large glass panels;
  • Minimum environmental impact;
  • Ease of implementation.