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Boron removal from water and wastewater

Boron removalImmobilization-precipitationTrattamento acqueWater treatment


The invention regards a new chemical-pysical method for boron removal from water and urban and industrial wastewater. The process is based on immobilization-precipitation mechanisms. Boron is fixed into a inert solid compound produced during the treatment and which, afterwards, is recoverved by means of a simple solid-liquid separation phase.

Technical features

The current technologies for the boron removal have many drawbacks due to the high costs, the long reaction time and the complexity of treatments. The developed method, compared to the traditional techniques, exploits low-costs reactants through which it is possible to obtain, at room conditions of temperature and pressure, boron removal higher than 90% in reaction times of few minutes. The process gets the removal of boron through the immobilization of the pollutant into a solid compound produced during the treatment. This compound can be easily separated from liquid phase by means of simply step of sedimentation or centrifugation. The method is applicable on batch conditions, in which the process phases are carried out in a sigle unit, or in continous conditions, in which the steps of treatment are condutectd in separate units.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment of superficial water and groundwater;
  • Treatment of urban wastewater and wastewater from:
  • Glass and ceramic industry;
  • Fertilizers industry;
  • Detergents industry;
  • Oil extraction industry.


  • High efficiency;
  • Low costs;
  • Process operates at room tempearture;
  • Process operates at room pressure;
  • Short reaction times;
  • Possibility to operate both on batch and continuous modality;
  • Use of not complex equipments.