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BLUESENTINEL indoor localization system

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Localization system Bluesentinel wakes up smartphone apps without user interaction. Bluesentinel allows to trigger a smartphone app and execute code without user actions. For indoor localization applications, it can track a user without the need for the user to open the app. It could also be used to fetch and elaborate data from surrounding sensors with a Fog Computing perspective and send it to a cloud platform.

Technical features

Today, smartphone monitoring applications require users to open the tracking app and keep it run in foreground. Usually this action requires many steps: taking out the smartphone, unlock it, look for the app, open it, and keep it open. Those operations could be suitable in some environments, but if you need accurate data another strategy is required. Bluesentinel allows you to ‘wake app’ the application automatically to execute code on the device with no actions needed from the user. Bluesentinel is based on beacon technology for waking up apps (by using our beacon positioning technique and configuration) and could be paired with custom beacon device for fetching data.

Possible Applications

  • Monitor user /assets paths inside buildings;
  • Monitoring environments (temperature, humidity, pressure and others);
  • Tracking outdoor assets by triggering the app near the asset and use the smartphone GPS to get it’s position and store it in cloud;
  • Analytics to minimize operational inefficiencies.


  • Track a user/asset with no user action required;
  • Fetching, elaborate, and upload data to the cloud in an Fog Computing perspective;
  • Trigger the application automatically and execute code;
  • Monitoring environments without an expensive connected solution;
  • Tracking assets, indoor/outdoor.