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Bistable activation device for the management of urinary continence

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The invention is an artificial sphincter with magnetic drive during urination, with consequent reduced disturbance of daily activities due to external structures.

Technical features

Urinary incontinence affects about 200 million people globally and more than 2 million in Italy, and can be managed surgically with consequent high invasiveness of installation, hospitalization and monitoring. Various types of artificial urethral sphincters are known to treat urinary incontinence, used when outpatient, drug, pelvic reeducation or surgery is ineffective. It is therefore an object of the invention to provide an artificial sphincter for the urethral conduit, with magnetic drive, the actuation of which does not require the presence of a magnet near the implant during urination, and which is therefore more practical and hygienic to use. The magnetic drive allows you to use the magnet in the released condition and remove it in non-urination conditions. This bistable operation is highly compatible with the management of daily activities and relatively minimally invasive, even at the time of the surgical operation for its insertion, in fact the device is compatible with the dimensions of the urethral duct.

Possible Applications

Management of urinary incontinence



  • No external visibility;
  • No disturbance in the urination phase;
  • Guarantee of occlusive efficacy;
  • No need for external perennial structures.