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Biomechanical Risk Evaluation Tool

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The invention consists of a tool that allows a monitoring of the stresses to which our body is subjected when lifting weights. Given that the continuous stresses of our body can lead to numerous problems affecting the musculoskeletal structure, it is essential to assess the risk with a method that is as objective and reliable as possible.

Technical features

Biomechanical risk is the risk of disorders and diseases due to the overload of the musculoskeletal structures. The assessment of this risk is currently left to the empirical observation of an evaluator, to the individuals themselves or to video surveillance analysis. The purpose of the present invention is to provide an assessment system for determining whether activities that are performed by an operator (for example the handling of heavy loads) can pose a risk of biomechanical overload. The technology is based on detecting changes in pressure on the sole of the foot during the course of an activity and this data can be used to objectively assess the associated biomechanical risk.

Possible Applications

  • Occupational medicine;
  • Musculoskeletal disorders.


  • Identification of the average weight of the lifted loads;
  • Identification of the number of loads lifted;
  • Identification of distances traveled with loads;
  • Simultaneous evaluation of several operators (allowing an evaluation of the general working environment).