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Cancer treatmentMetastasis treatment preventionProtein-based therapeuticsTumour microenvironment


The invention describes a protein for the treatment of cancer and metastasis. It has been found that the administration of this protein has a strong impact on several aspects of the tumor microenvironment. Treatments able to act on the tumor microenvironment are highly desirable as they prevent cancer cell growth and invasiveness.

Technical features

Two decades ago protein-based therapeutics have revolutionized the oncology space since they first appeared in clinics. Unlike traditional small-molecule chemotherapeutics, protein biologics are able to target molecules specifically associated with or overexpressed by tumors versus healthy tissue. It has been found that the subject protein may act as a biologic drug able to interfere with multiple features of the tumor microenvironment (such as extracellular matrix composition and angiogenesis) and therefore is effective on metastatic dissemination, which is the real killer in cancer. Due to these newly discovered effects, this protein can be advantageously used for treating tumors and for the treatment or prevention of metastasis. This invention includes details regarding the methodology of administration of the protein or of the nucleic acids which code for the same, as well as the compositions, vectors and formulations involved.

Possible Applications

  • Cancer treatment and prevention – colorectal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, epithelial cancers and melanoma;
  • Use in subjects with tumors that have not yet colonized distant organs;
  • Use in subjects with tumors that have already generated multiple metastases not amenable to surgical resection.


  • Innovative biological drug effective in the prevention or treatment of metastases;
  • Possible administration in the form of a gene or recombinant protein;
  • Can be administered via methods commonly used to administer collagen proteins, such as intra-articular injections, skin patches, oral supplements and intravenous injection.