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Biogas conversion process

Biogas conversionDimethyl etherMethanol


The idea is related to a new modular process for the conversion of biogas in high-value chemicals. The new plant is composed by several compact and flexible sections located after a biogas production plant. It is a modular stand-alone solution. Each section is dedicated to one specific process, i.e. the synthesis section can be changed in order to produce different chemical like methanol, dimethyl-ether, acetic acid, formaldehyde.

Technical features

The plant is composed of five sections, the synthesis module can be replaced in order to change the produced chemical (methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, dimethyl-ether).

The first section purifies and compress the biogas, then the reforming section produce the syngas. The outlet stream is used to pre-heat the biogas to maximize the heat recovery. Finally, the syngas is converted into chemicals in the synthesis section. The last module is dedicated to purification and can be upgraded also as un-reacted gases recycle.

Modularity is guarantee by particular mechanical-hydraulic connections (valve-flange-valve).

The final product purity can be customize depending on user requirements.

Possible Applications

  • Production of basic chemical or commodities;
  • Biofuel;
  • Biogas use.


  • Production of chemicals with high-value;
  • Operative conditions similar to Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP);
  • CO2 reuse;
  • High flexibility and easy to install;
  • Energetically self-sufficient.