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Bioactive glass for bone differentiation

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Design and production of a new composition of a bioactive glass with a specific granulometry, able to induce osteogenesis and tissue regeneration.

Technical features

This invention consists in the design and production of a new bioactive glass composition, with a specific granulometry, able to induce reactivity and optimal ion release in physiological pH and to induce osteogenesis. Tests performed with human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) gave very encouraging results. It is important to point out that the crucial aspect is the combination of the aforementioned composition and the specific granulometry. The bioactive glass has a potential in regenerative medicine.

Possible Applications

  • Regeneration of bone tissue;
  • Fill defects and voids due to injuries, trauma, defects, surgical procedure;
  • Applications in the fields of orthopaedics, dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery.


  • The granules (with specific composition and granulometry) are able to induce bone generation;
  • Granules production can be scaled up to industrial level;
  • Very wide range of applications in regenerative medicine.