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Bio-Inspired Continuous Robotic Limb

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The Bio-Inspired Continuous Robotic Limb is a structure without joints or rigid parts, capable to passively elongate, shorten, flex, selectively stiffen, pull, compress, grasp, manipulate and to work in confined spaces. Diverse limb’s independently manageable parts, but by virtue of continuity, are subject to distributed force. This characteristics allows the structure to be used in submarines, disaster areas, surgery, Human-Machine Interface.

Technical features

This robotic limb is inspired by octopus tentacles without joints or rigid mechanical parts, and is capable of passively elongate, shorten, flex and selectively stiffen. It is also capable to pull and compress, to grasp and manipulate objects, and is able to work in confined spaces, all features allowing the tentacle to adaptively implement and with a Soft and safe structure. Each section is independently manageable of the others, but by virtue of its continuity, any applied force and deformation is distributed throughout the structure. Passive elongation produced by only reducing the diameter of the structure. Soft structuring, plus mobility implementation plus exploitation of the passive properties of the materials allows a much slower control and intelligent use of the forces within the structure.

Possible Applications

  • Underwater robotic platforms and ROV for underwater manipulation, underwater archeology;
  • Industry, service robotics (compliance and handling capacity);
  • Space / aerospace (decisive weight / size and high cost);
  • Food processing;
  • Minimally invasive and medical surgery.


  • Flexibility;
  • Safety and comfort of the Human-Machine Interface;
  • Capability to work in confined spaces, ability to manage each section but to distribute the applied force to the entire structure: handling, power and resistance remarkable.