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Bimanual robot for single-port laparoscopy

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The Single-Port lapaRoscopy bImaNual roboT (SPRINT) is an highly dexterous tool for single port Surgery. SPRINT comprising an umbilical access port, an Internal robotic platform, an External robotic manipulator and an operating console. By 2020 Single Port Laparoscopy will account US$9.5 bilion estimating 120.000 procedures conducted by SPRINT.

Technical features

The Single-Port lapaRoscopy bImaNual roboT (SPRINT) is an highly dexterous tool for single port Surgery, comprising an umbilical silicone trocar like device, an Internal bimanual robotic platform with 14 degrees of freedom (DOF) for performing surgery with embedded 3D stereoscopic vision system, an external robotic manipulator (4 DOF for handling the SPRINT robot) and an operating console incorporating the image of the operative field. In addition, haptic interfaces and augmented reality solutions are incorporated in the surgical console, thus enabling an effective and friendly interaction between the operator and the platforms/tools/tissue. Finally, advanced computer software enables the surgeon to execute the intended procedure ‘virtually’ (when needed in problematic cases) before actual performance.

Possible Applications

  • Abdominal surgery procedures, a possible application could be bariatric surgical procedures to treat morbid obesity, other target surgical procedures such as cholecystectomy, anti-reflux surgery, urologic and gynecologic surgery for a total amount of 4.8 Million procedures per year accounts 120.000 estimated procedures with SPRINT.


  • An inner lumen for additional instruments avoiding an additional hole in the body the patient;
  • Feedback force input through the reading of the current absorbed by the motors;
  • Optimized size and performance;
  • Hybrid parallel/serial arm simpler to be implemented;
  • Greater rigidity, a higher precision and fluidity of movement.