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Bic.ap.p: Bicocca app platform

Apps’ PlatformEducationNo-Code BuilderPsycho-social Science


Bic.Ap.P. is a “NO-CODE” Mobile App Builder that allows the development of mobile apps in the educational, psychological and social fields in a totally visual way. Bic.Ap.P. it is suitable for training and/or research contexts and for all those institutional and social companies that need to develop apps but have very little IT skills.

Technical features

Bic.Ap.P. allows the user to design his own app visually, loading all digital assets into the system (audio, video, images). The BiCApP platform, via a server app, uploads the digital assets to the file system and the app structure to a database. When the user has completed his own app creation, he requests its generation through the BiCApP platform. An application for converting the structure data of the mobile app into Javascript source – REACT NATIVE – is launched on the server, followed by its conversion into an Android APK file or an xCode project for iOS. Bic.Ap.P. allows users to familiarize themselves with the design and development of apps and to generate mobile apps useful in the educational, psychological, and social fields.
TRL is between 2 and 3.

Possible Applications

  • In the educational field to familiarize students with the design and development of apps;
  • For psychological and social research activities;
  • For institutions and social companies with app development needs and with little internal IT support.


  • Bic.Ap.P. involves people who have an idea but are unable to write code, in app creation;
  • Bic.Ap.P. provides for the generation of self-publishable apps, configuring all the information repositories in a personalized way;
  • Bic.Ap.P. is constantly evolving, with new components always accessible to users.