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Beam monitor for Hadrontherapy

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The technology lies in the field of ion beam tumor treatment (hadrotherapy). It is a combination of detection devices capable of monitoring, during treatment, some of the characteristics of the radiation used, to verify the correspondence between treatment and planning, and therefore guarantee patient safety throughout the treatment. The beam monitor, based on very fast sensors and electronics capable of counting the particles of the beam, differs radically from current systems, which measure the ionization caused by the therapeutic beam in gas.

Technical features

The current monitoring systems for therapeutic beams carry out measurements, independently and redundantly, of crucial parameters both for the success of the treatment, and necessary to guarantee safety for the patient. To date, this instrumentation does not offer the possibility of a direct and real-time verification of the energy of the radiation beam, a parameter of fundamental importance in determining the depth reached by radiation in biological tissues. In view of the emerging needs in the medical field, the invention aims to determine the number of ions conveyed to the patient through the use of very thin silicon detectors, sensitive to the passage of each ion. By combining this information with that of the charge produced by the passage of the beam in the ionization chambers, already present in each treatment room, it is possible to determine the energy of the beam and interrupt the treatment session if the values ​​obtained do not correspond to those established in the planning phase.

Possible Applications

  • Monitor systems for hadrontherapy treatments;
  • Quality control of therapeutic beams.


  • Real-time monitor;
  • Counting on a single ion basisi, not requiring daily dosimetric calibration;
  • More safety during hadrontherapy treatments;
  • Non invasive measure of energy of the particle beam.