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Electronic Battery Management System (BMS) specifically designed to optimise the performance of Redox Flow Batteries used for energy storage in power plants that generate electricity with renewable resources or within power grids, in rapid and cost efficient way.

Technical features

To ensure continuous and stable electrical power supply from renewable resources, production plants must include large energy storage systems. Redox Flow Batteries (RFBs) are used for this purpose, but they require careful management to operate at maximum efficiency and to reduce operating and maintenance costs. This patented Battery Management System (BMS), which includes both hardware and software, continuously monitors and controls temperature, fluid dynamics and charge parameters of the batteries. When a critical condition is identified, the system takes action by generating the optimal parameters, even during battery stand-by. In fact, when RFBs are inactive for prolonged periods of time, reversible and irreversible undesirable effects can occur, due to the precipitation of the electrolytes in the solution. This can cause damage to the battery components and reduce the system operability.The accurate monitoring and the innovative algorithm in the BMS can guarantee the correct management of the electrolyte solution in each battery over the entire working cycle and in moments of inactivity. Optimal operational parameters of the entire stack will improve battery response time and reduce maintenance at the same time. Current TRL is 7.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial redox flow battery installations;
  • Management, control and characterisation of redox flow batteries in energy storage systems within electrical grids (smart grids, micro-grids);
  • Test facilities for RFBs.


  • Ensures fast battery response time;
  • Lowers maintenance costs;
  • Prolongs the overall battery lifespan;
  • Simultaneously manages several battery stacks;
  • Ensures maximum charge – discharge efficiency.