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Battery based on rechargeable flow

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The invention consists in a redox flow battery cell based on a novel all-liquid chemistry of zinc and permanganates. The two electrolytes are stored in external tanks and are pumped into a cell where the electrochemical reactions can take place, transforming the chemical energy into electrical energy.

Technical features

The invention (TRL 4) consists in the formulations of the two electrolytes suitably studied and developed in order to guarantee the high cyclability of the device. Furthermore, the use of a zinc solution containing metal ions capable of electro-depositing on electrodes with a large surface area allows the device to fully decouple this power from the energy density.
The chemistry presented, together with the optimisation and fine-tuning of the electrolytes used, makes the battery capable of generating much higher energy densities than commercially available cells.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive (electric vehicles);
  • Green Energy (wind, solar).


  • Decoupled power and energy density;
  • Ability to charge and discharge the battery at higher current densities;
  • Increased cyclability:
  • Performance.