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Bacteriophage to combat an antibiotic-resistant bacterium

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The invention covers a bacteriophage, i.e. a virus specific against bacteria, able to selectively eliminate microrganisms causing infections. In particular, the target of the bacteriophage is a specific clone of antibiotic resistant bacteria widely diffused at worldwide level and able to give serious infections that are difficult to be treated by using conventional therapeutic approaches.

Technical features

The invention covers the use of a new bacteriophage, that is a virus specific for bacteria, able to selectively eliminate a bacterial clone resistant to virtually all the antibiotics that can be used in clinical practice and that is widely diffused worldwide. The mode of action of the bacteriophage has been characterized and its effectiveness in a simple animal model has been demonstrated. This bacteriophage can be used both for the formulation of innovative antibacterial drugs, and for preventive purposes, for the treatment of patients colonized by this type of microorganism. Finally, the present invention can be used for the development of antiseptics and disinfectants to be used in a hospital environment.

Possible Applications

  • Decolonization of carriers;
  • Decontamination of surfaces and instruments;
  • Development of rapid diagnostics tools for the detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae CC258;
  • Development of alternative antimicrobials;
  • Formulation of probiotic preparations with selective antimicrobial activity.


  • Efficacy and specificity of action towards the target microorganism;
  • Activity that is independent from the antibiotic resistance phenotype;
  • High stability to different chemical-physical conditions;
  • Simple and cheap large-scale production.