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Axial damping device with elastomers

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The invention, named CASM rod, represents an innovative tool for seismic damping and isolation. Compared to the technologies already present in the civil engineering field, the CASM isolator optimizes the use of materials with significant advantages from both economic and environmental points of view.

Technical features

The CASM rod is an isolator or damping device for civil structures or industrial applications that are subjected to vibrations deriving from seismic events or other involving dynamic excitations. The device is composed of steel elements and prisms of elastomeric material. In the existing products, isolation is obtained by means of large shear deformation of rubber blocks and hysteresis cycles are obtained by means of yielding of steel materials or hydraulic dashpot. Conversely, the performance of CASM is obtained by means of axial deformations of the elastomeric material with dissipation provided by yielding of micro-beams. The CASM rod is composed of an elastomeric prism, which allows large displacements, and of a steel exoskeleton which constrains the motion of the CASM rod and provides a damping property. An experimental proof of concept was performed, TRL=3.

Possible Applications

  • Seismic Dampers;
  • Seismic Isolators;
  • Vibration Control.


  • Reduction and optimization of the material used;
  • Wide spectrum of stiffnesses achievable;
  • Geometrically adaptable to any need;
  • Reduction of the environmental impact;
  • Easily maintained and inspected.