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Automatic parallel kinematic cleaning system

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This invention allows the cleaning of groups of photovoltaic panels, through a system constituted by a mobile platform parallel kinematics. This platform consists of 4 engines and a brush and is controlled by a processor based on open source hardware (e.g. Arduino).

Technical features

This invention allows automatic cleaning of the photovoltaic panels, through the combined use of brushes and demineralized water. The system, designed for installation on groups of photovoltaic panels of medium size, is made from a mobile platform parallel kinematic and adopts a modular architecture, having as basic elements 4 engines and a brush, operated by an electronic hardware based on Open Source (e.g. Arduino). The invention has the objective of minimizing the consumption of water related to cleaning, improving the sustainability of the process in terms of environmental impact and at the same time increase energy efficiency weekly of the photovoltaic system.

Possible Applications

  • Cleaning photovoltaic arrays;
  • Efficiency recover of critical installation e.g. near sources of dirt;
  • Possible employment for snow removal.


  • Minimal impact on structures;
  • Increase of efficiency for difficult to access photovoltaic arrays;
  • Simple construction;
  • Reduce energy consumption;
  • Reduce water consumption;
  • Fully automated.