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Automatic emergency braking system for motorcycles (MAEB)

AEBDriving assistanceMAEBRoad safety


The invention consists in the use of the clutch of a motorcycle to interrupt the accidental action of an automatic emergency braking system in order to guarantee the safety of the rider.

Technical features

Driver assistance systems will also spread to the motorcycle industry. Among these, the development of motorcycle emergency braking systems (MAEB) endanger the safety of the driver in the event of accidental operation. The invention avoids this risk by allowing the pilot to disengage accidental braking events, without affecting the safety potential offered by the safety system in situations in which MAEB intervention is beneficial.

Possible Applications

  • MAEB technology development;
  • Development of rider assistance systems.


  • Prevention of MAEB accidental interventions;
  • Improved rider safety by enabling a new generation of motorcycle assistance technologies;
  • Enhanced road safety by reducing the number of motorcycle crashes.