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Automatic drug delivery system

Drug delivery deviceInformatica Tsd EnMedical therapy


It is a modular device for the automatic delivery of drugs, which solves a very important technical problem for the health of patients: the correct intake of drugs in the manner and timing of medical therapy. The device is therefore able to adapt to the needs of medical therapy through a personalization phase and a modular structure that allows to consider different types of drugs and manage multiple therapies at the same time.

Technical features

The device includes: i) a sensor array (of capacitive type, piezo-electric or resistive force sensors) to measure the presence of the drugs contained therein; ii) a matrix of RGB LEDs (three colors red, green and blue) to notify the patient which drugs they should take. If the patient does not extract the expected drug, the device signals the anomaly by means of light and sound signals. The control of the correct intake of the drug by the patient takes place through the analysis of the weight of the drugs in each housing. Information regarding the degree of patient compliance with the therapy can be sent to medical personnel, pharmacists or relatives. The device can also transmit messages to the patient through a screen or a small loudspeaker, arranged on the lid. The system is also equipped with an alarm button to alert the attending physician or first aid operators in case of need.

Possible Applications

  • Automatic drug delivery;
  • Customization of medical therapies.


  • Increasing the degree of adherence of patients to drug therapies;
  • The device simplifies and automates the delivery of drugs;
  • The device can be configured internally to adapt to different types of therapies and medicines.