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Automated irrigation for green surfaces

automatic irrigationelectric conductivitygreen-roofshumidity sensorsrooting substrate sensors


The invention relates to an automated system for controlling water release for green walls, which is fed by data read in real time by sensors and subsequently processed by a software.

Technical features

An automated ferti-irrigation system for green walls and roofs that optimizes water release based on real needs of the plants, thanks to humidity sensors sending signals to a software that elaborates them.  The system is conceived for plants  requiring particular growth conditions, thus implying  high technology, to be applied to green-roof and living-walls, as well as to conventional or amateur horticulture. The irrigation system allows to release water with no need to intervene manually or using a programmable electronic control unit. The system is composed of various sensors for real-time data acquisition and a software interface. This software elaborates the acquired data and automatically controls the opening and closing of valves for water distribution, released on the basis of the substrate’s real needs. In this way a green wall or a roof is continuously monitored, while the optimum physiological condition is constantly guaranteed.

Possible Applications

  • Green-roofs;
  • Green-walls;
  • Hi-tech horticulture;
  • Conventional horticulture;
  • Amateur horticulture;
  • Amateur gardening.


  • Easy installation: compatible with all the green walls and roofs;
  • Easy construction: built in plastic materials normally used in conventional irrigation systems;
  • System doses the water and fertilizer avoiding water waste and soil stress;
  • Optimal conditions of the green roof maintenance.