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This finding integrates a complex orchard configuration with a novel technological solution that allows smart orchard management, providing savings in labor and production factors.

Coltivazione frutta

Technical features

This system represents an ideal mating of a technological infrastructure with smart orchard solutions, creating an ideal combination between biology and engineering, increasing orchard productivity and sustainability.

It can autonomously perform mowing, herbicide application, soil cultivation, and simultaneously monitor several tree/orchard parameters. It supports labor in pruning, thinning and harvest.

It’s comprised of a smart orchard integrating state of the art solutions in tree training, spacings, fixed spraying system, hail and insect protection and specifically featuring a rail supported by posts, on which the mobile platform moves using only electric energy stored in on board battery pack.

Possible Applications

  • This invention is conceived specifically for innovative apple orchards;
  • It can be adopted in orchard of other species, provided they follow the same design criteria.


  • Increased yields and fruit quality;
  • Reduced labor costs and of production factors;
  • 100% reduction of fossil fuel use;
  • Savings in irrigation water;
  • Increased sustainability and reduction of the orchard C-footprint;
  • Artificial Intelligence solutions for smart orchard management.